Tamra Ghoomar Waterfalls

Apna Chhattisgarh

Tamra Ghoomar Waterfalls Jagdalpur is located at around 45 km from Jagdalpur. It is very close to the Chitrakoot waterfall. This is a recently discovered waterfall with a height of more than 100 feet and is generally formed in the rainy season. There are green fields on either side of this waterfall. Just like Chitrakoot and Tirathgarh Waterfalls, the stunningly beautiful Tamra Ghoomar Falls is another natural wonder and a scenic spot near Chitrakoot.

The natural beauty of the area featuring lush forested lands, deep valleys and magnificent hills add to the beauty of this place and attracts tourists towards it. Even though the waterfalls lies in a secluded location, but still numerous tourists make it a point to come here for picnicking and enjoying the natural wonders with their families and friends. It is indeed one of the best Eco Tourism destinations in Chhattisgarh. The area surrounding the falls is rich in natural attractions and the best way of exploring this place is to trek or take a scenic drive.


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