Dalpat Sagar Lake is located in Jagdalpur Bastar Chhattisgarh

Dalpat Sagar | Chhattisgarh

Dalpat Sagar Lake is located in Jagdalpur Bastar Chhattisgarh in India on Indravati River which passes through Jagdalpur and spread over 350 hectares. It is one of the biggest artificial lakes in Chhattisgarh. It was built by Raja Dalpat Deo Kakatiya over 400 years ago to harvest rain water. This lake is full of lotus and water lily.

This lake was primarily built to harvest rain water. However, at present, it is a major source of fishes. You can also enjoy boating (motor / pedal boats) on your visit to Dalpat Sagar Lake. The mesmerizing scenario of this lake, especially at sunset, should not be missed for anything. There is an old temple located at the center island of the Dalpat Sagar. The temple is dedicated to lord shiva. As it is located on an island, one will have to take paddle boat or fishing boat to reach there. The island offers impressive views of the scenic surroundings. Dalpat Sagar is one of the major sources of fishing and provides means of livelihood to many local people. If you can get out of bed early enough, you may join the ritual worship of the deity at this place before enjoying the act of group fishing. Group fishing is a treat to watch where one group spreads the nets while the other drives the fishes into the nets by beating the water and howling.

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