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Museums – A storage house of Rich heritage

A museum is a place which conserves a collection of artifacts and other objects of artistic, scientific, historical or cultural importance and makes them accessible for public viewing by exhibitions which may be temporary or permanent. The main motto of modern museums is to collect, preserve, interpret, and show items of artistic, cultural, or scientific significance for the education of the folks. Some of them are listed here:

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Chitradhara Waterfalls

Chitradhara Waterfall The waterfall is located at just 19 km form Jagdalpur in Chhattisgarh at 19°12’3″N, 81°41’59″E on the way to Chitrakoot Falls. The best sightseeing and weekend vacation destinations are the favourite among...

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Zonal Anthropological Museum

A small depiction of different Bastar tribal groups, their customs and forms of worship. It exhibits items of daily use, photographs, and models. The museum is located on the way from chitrakoot falls from...

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Mahant Ghasidas Museum

 Mahant Ghasidas Museum is situated near the D K Hospital in Raipur. It was established in 1875 by Raja Mahant Ghasidas of Rajnandgaon. In 1953, it was renovated and restored by Queen Jyoti Devi...

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Nehru Art Gallery

The gallery is situated at Bhilai town of durg district, 21°11’9″N 81°20’35″E. It is situated at 25 kms west of Raipur number of exhibitions take place there. A number of good exhibitions are organized...

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Purkhoti Muktangan

Purkhoti Muktangan Naya Raipur, Chhattisgarh Purkhoti Muktangan museum is being developed by Government of Chhattisgarh, Culture Department under Ministry of Tourism at Naya Raipur, the coordinates are 21°8’1″N 81°45’28″E. The depiction of habitation, artifacts,...