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Historical places in Chhattisgarh – Worth to visit

Historical places are the places which reflect the olden cultures. They are the proof for the existence of diverse civilizations and different culture, strength, belief, and weakness. The places which were recognized as the historical sites were the sacred places for their respective cultures. These places disclose the abilities and living style of the folks who survived there. Some of them are listed here:

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छत्तीसगढ़ में कलचुरी-शासन के पहले दो प्रमुख राजवंशों का शासन रहा।

आदिकाल में कोशाम्बी से दक्षिण-पूर्वी समुद्र तट की ओर जाने वाला प्राचीन मार्ग भरहुत, बांधवगढ, अमरकंटक, खरौद, मल्हार तथा सिरपुर से होकर जगन्नाथपुरी की ओर जाता था। इतिहासकारों के अनुसार यह एक महत्वपूर्ण शहर...

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बाबा गुरु घासीदास जन्मस्थली गिरौदपुरी, जैतखाम

जैतखाम छत्तीसगढ़ की राजधानी से करीब 145 किलोमीटर दूर स्थित बाबा गुरु घासीदास की जन्मस्थली गिरौदपुरी, जहां विशाल स्तंभ ‘जैतखाम’ का निर्माण किया गया है| यह स्तंभ दिल्ली की कुतुब मीनार से भी ज्यादा...

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Chitradhara Waterfalls

Chitradhara Waterfall The waterfall is located at just 19 km form Jagdalpur in Chhattisgarh at 19°12’3″N, 81°41’59″E on the way to Chitrakoot Falls. The best sightseeing and weekend vacation destinations are the favourite among...

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Kanger Dhara Falls

Kanger Dhara Falls It is located inside the Kanger Valley National Park, 36 km from Jagdalpur. At the beginning of the downstream of Kanger River, it is a magnificent view of the small cascades...

Hinglajin Temples

Hinglajin Temples

Hinglajin Temples is dedicated to goddess Hinglajin younger sister of Goddess Danteshwari Hinglanjin Temples is situated next to Danteshwari Temples. The location is 24°40’0″N 75°47’0″E. This temple is dedicated to goddess Hinglajin, the younger...

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Bhairav Baba Temple

Bhairav Baba Temple accompanied by ancient statures Bhairav Baba temple is located in the second chamber behind Danteshwari Devi temple premises in Dantewada city. It is a small one which houses the idol of...