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Cinema Halls – Giving an Innovative Cinema Experience

Movies play a very important role of entertainment in our state. Watching movies is not only an entertainment, but is also an experience. When you think of best cinemas, cinema halls are the names that come to mind. When it comes to movies, the experience is something that the audience continually craves as Cinema viewing, is also considered as an experience and not as a chore. Some of them are listed here:

Jeet Talkies 0

Jeet Talkies

Jeet Talkies The movie lovers can enjoy the movies in the Jeet Talkies, situated near the new bus stand in Bilaspur district. The location is 22°4’25″N 82°9’36″E.

Miraj Cinemas 1

Miraj Cinemas

A favourite theatre for the people to enjoy the movies is situated at Bhilai, new civic center. It is popularly known as Geet Talkies. The location is 21°10’56″N 81°20’21″E.

Krishna Big Cinemas 0

Krishna Big Cinemas

Krishna Big Cinemas It is a division of Reliance MediaWorks Limited, a member of the Reliance Group, is India’s largest cinema chain. It recently launched 3D and 6D technology. It is also launching the...

Chandra Maurya Theatre 0

Chandra Maurya Theatre

Chandra Maurya Theatre Both the theatres are present at the same place in Bhilai. The location is 21°12’24″N 81°21’32″E. Watching movie is a comfortable experience available here. Its location is in the middle of...

Shyam Talkies 0

Shyam Talkies

It gives the great view of Budha Talab. It is situated opposite to Budha Talab. The coordinates are 21°14’8″N 81°37’57″E.

Vimal Theatre 0

Vimal Theatre

This theatre is situated at Dhamtari. This theatre was started by Late Kesharimal Lunkad EX. MLA. Now it is operated by his sons. The location is 20°42’30″N 81°32’47″E.