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Church – An epitaph of Christianity

Church is a religious place of worship, or a place for group of worshipers, mainly Christian. Sunday is a holy day for Christians and Catholics all over the globe. It is that the essence of pious serenity, that explores love, clarity, peace, rejoice, mercy- the essential approaches of Christianity. Some of them are listed here:

Kunkuri Catholic Church 0

Kunkuri Catholic Church

Asia Second Largest Church Kunkuri is a small town in Chhattisgarh, India in the Jashpur district. It is the Asia’s second largest church situated in a small town, a tehsil of Jashpur district. It...

Pentecostal Church 0

Pentecostal Church

The church is situated at sector-6, Bhilai at 22°27’20″N 77°28’0″E. The spiritually dedicated workers conduct all the ceremonies at church. The best place to receive the spiritual blessings as well as material.

Saint Vincent Pallotti Church 0

Saint Vincent Pallotti Church

St. Vincent Pallotti Church is situated in Charoda, Bhilai Marshalling Yard, Bhilai. The location of the church is 21°13’27″N 81°27’23″E. Every people coming to this church can get the pleasure, sootheness, and eternal peace.

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MGM Church

MGM Church  is Orthodox Church and Run famous MGM School in Raipur  .  The famous MGM School of Chhattisgarh is known for its meritorious students .The coordinates are 22°24’2″N 82°45’12″E.